Question: Is Eri a dragon?

Eri Kamataki (鎌滝 恵利, Kamataki Eri) is one of the seven playable characters in Yakuza: Like a Dragon and the secondary protagonist of the Management storyline.

Where is Eri like a dragon?

To unlock Eri in Yakuza: Like A Dragon youll first need to reach the tail end of Chapter 5. During the story youll bump into her outside of Otohime Land and itll turn out that shes your way into the business management minigame. And dont worry about missing out on meeting her as its totally unskippable.

Should I change jobs in like a dragon?

Changing classes is essential to unlocking the best gear in Like a Dragon, so its best to get to this plotline as soon as possible. Players will only be able to unlock a job class in Yakuza: Like a Dragon if they meet all the requirements.

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