Question: What is the significance of a money tree?

With a braided trunk and lush, glossy leaves, its no wonder the Chinese Money Tree plant is so popular. Said to bring luck and wealth, this plant adds vitality to any home! While we cant guarantee the Chinese Money Tree will attract wealth to you, we can guarantee it will add a unique touch to your home or office.

What is the story behind a money tree?

The Money Tree Was An Answered Prayer According to the legend, a man prayed for money and then became rich by growing multiple trees from one. He credited the tree for his newfound wealth, giving the tree its name.

Is a Money Tree a good gift?

A money tree plant is perfect for anyone, regardless of their plant care experience. To recap, theyre low-maintenance, dont need a lot of light or water, they match any decor and they purify the air. Theyre the perfect gift to let someone know youre thinking of them, and theyll think of you every time they see it.

How much money does the Money Tree give you adopt me?

Money Trees You will be able to periodically grab cash from the trees throughout the day. Each time you harvest you get 8 dollars. You dont need too many of them though, because you can max collect $100 per day, no matter how many trees you own.

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