Question: What are the types of neutral fats?

The most familiar lipids are the neutral fats: animal fats and plant oils. Other lipids include steroids, phospholipids (a lipid of universal importance in every cell), waxes, terpenes, and prostaglandins. 4. Describe the monomer and polymer of the neutral fats.

What are neutral fats give example?

An example is a monoglyceride, which has one fatty acid combined with glycerol, a diglyceride, which has two fatty acids combined with glycerol, or a triglyceride, which has three fatty acids combined with glycerol.

Why Acylglycerol are called neutral lipids?

Neutral fats, in particular, are fats that are described as neutral because they are uncharged and do not contain acidic or basic groups. They are nonpolar and hydrophobic. Thus, a triglyceride would have three fatty acids reacting the hydroxyl functional group of the glycerol.

What are non glycerides?

Sphingolipids. Sphingolipids are a second type of lipid found in cell membranes, particularly nerve cells and brain tissues. They do not contain glycerol, but retain the two alcohols with the middle position occupied by an amine. Wax.

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