Question: Why does my eye look like a fish eye?

Fish-eye disease, also called partial LCAT deficiency, is a disorder that causes the clear front surface of the eyes (the corneas) to gradually become cloudy.

How do I change my fisheye picture to normal?

Open the photo in Photoshop and adjust the canvas size. Apply Fisheye-Hemi. Crop, Flatten and Save the Image. Run Fisheye-Hemi Again (Optional) Open the photo in Photoshop and convert the Background Layer to a New Layer. Use the Warp tool to correct the horizon line. Crop, Flatten and Save the image.Jul 7, 2014

Can fish eyes move?

Unlike humans, many fish have their eyes set far apart on the sides of the head rather than to the front. Even though fish will turn to examine objects, their eyes do have limited independent movement within the sockets. Like humans, a fishs eyes move in unison when looking around.

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