Question: How do you get Anima powers?

Anima Orbs are your main source of power in Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Anima Orbs will spawn randomly on each floor and interacting with them will allow you to choose between a selection of Anima Powers, most of which will last for your entire run in Torghast.

How many Anima powers can you have in Torghast?

Its also something that youll only see in Twisting Corridors, and is not documented in game whatsoever. As it turns out, you can only have 44 unique anima powers in any given Torghast run. You can stack those to their limits, so youll see a higher number than that like Anima powers: 98 or whatever.

How long do Anima powers last?

Make your choice! Anima powers are acquired in Torghast, Tower of the Damned from Anima Cells and other similar objects. They last for one run and many of them stack.

Can you remove an anima power?

The only thing you need to do to reset the Anima Power choices is to leave and re-enter Twisting Corridors. Every time you do so, you will be given a new set of Anima Powers to choose from. You can continue doing this until you get a powerful Epic Anima Power.

How high do Anima powers stack?

Venthyr Anima Powers Stacks up to 10 times. Mask of Withering: Door of Shadows weakens all enemies you pass through, increasing their damage taken by 20% for 30 sec. Murmuring Shawl: Door of Shadows increases your chance to dodge by 20% for 15 sec.

Can you stack Anima powers?

Some Anima Powers can stack and their power increases at higher ranks. We divide Anima Powers into general, available to all classes, and class-specific that are unique for each class.

Does Torghast drop anima?

Similarly, Rare Mobs will always spawn an Anima Orb once killed. Occasionally, enemies and phylacteries in Torghast hold Anima Orbs and drop them once killed or destroyed.

What is soul Ash?

Soul Ash is a currency that is obtained inside Torghast when completing the weekly challenges for the tower or when completing specific quests. Soul Ash is one of the materials used to craft legendary items in Shadowlands and he amount of Soul Ash depends on the item level of the legendary youre looking to craft.

What should I spend Anima on Shadowlands?

The only way to use anima is to deposit it in your sanctums reservoir first. From there you can use it to purchase cosmetic and vanity items (transmog appearances, mounts, companion pets, toys, illusions, etc.) or to upgrade sanctum features that unlock the ability to obtain some such items.

How much does Anima earn a week?

There are two weekly quests in Oribos to run dungeons. They each reward 500 reputation with the Covenant of your choice, and 175 Anima. That is 350 Anima a week. Rares and treasures always reward Anima.

What is soul ash good for?

Soul Ash is used to craft and upgrade legendaries with the Runecarver. Higher base-level items require more soul ash, and players can spend the difference in costs to upgrade. For instance, to move from an item level 210 item to an item level 225 item, they will need to spend 1200 Soul Ash.

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