Question: Are jungle gyms good for kids?

Jungle Gym encourages kids to get into an outdoor exploration routine which lasts forever. When your child runs, swing, or climb, he/she not only burns calories but also enhances their athletic skills. Overall, having a backyard jungle gym is the best idea to make your child active, happy, and healthy.

Which Jungle Jims is bigger?

It is the original and a little bigger. over a year ago. Everyone seems to say the Fairfield location is bigger, However the Jungle Jims site say the Eastgate location is larger with more to explore in their words.

What killed Jungle Jim?

Corvette Jungle Jim died in 1977 when his Corvette hit a bus one miserable morning. He was 31. Pam currently runs a Facebook page and website dedicated to remembering when Drag Racing was Far Out. See more at

Who was Jungle Jims girlfriend?

Jungle Pam Was An Eye-catching On-track Presence With Jungle Jim Liberman In The Mid-70s. Just 18 years old at the time (1972) and a couple of weeks shy of high school graduation, Pam Hardy had a chance meeting with Jungle Jim that would alter her plans for the next few years.

What should I buy at Jungle Jims?

Need gift ideas? Jungle Jims has 10 items you wont find anywhere elseExtra Special Candy Canes. You might say these are reminiscent of Harry Potters Every Flavor Beans. Exotic Jerky Treats. Grow Your Own Christmas Tree Kits. Funny Socks. Liquor Chocolates. Kombucha Beer. White Shaved Coconut. Kopi Luwak Coffee. •27 Nov 2018

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