Question: How long are you considered a recent graduate?

A “recent graduate” is defined as “a graduate who left full-time education within five years of the survey date”.

What qualifies as a recent graduate?

Well, recent grad or new grad means a bachelor/masters student who is on either varge of graduation, finished with his all school work or the one who graduated in 2-3 months and looking for jobs.

Can I get a graduate job a year after graduating?

UK graduate jobs are available year-round, but if you are looking for your first job after graduation its best to apply as youre nearing graduation, or just after you have graduated to ensure you get first pick of the best career opportunities in London!

Can you do a second graduate scheme?

Graduate Scheme Myth #4: “Graduate schemes are impossible to get into with a 2:2.” While most schemes dont ask for a specific degree, many do use classification as a filter in the recruitment process. Happily, many organizations such as Jaguar Landrover, the Civil Service, and Network Rail will accept a 2:2.

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