Question: What kind of refrigerant does a walk in cooler use?

Most modern refrigerants are zero ODP, however refrigeration units older than 20 years may still use R12 or R22. Most modern lab-grade freezers use R404A refrigerant, which has a GWP of 3,920. Ultra-low temperature freezers also use R508B as the secondary refrigerant, which has a GWP of 13,396.

How do you put Freon in a walk-in cooler?

How to Charge a Walk-In CoolerDisconnect the power to the walk-in cooler. Go to the back of the walk-in cooler and look at the service tag. Unscrew the middle hose fitting from the refrigeration manifold gauge. Connect your refrigerant tank to the manifold gauge and then open the gauges centerline. •Sep 26, 2017

How many pounds of Freon does a walk-in cooler hold?

General Rule of Thumb The general rule amount that can be estimated is in the 2-4 pounds per ton of cooling for your system. For example: 3-ton AC or Heat Pump with a 35 foot lineset will need a total of approximately 6-12 pounds of refrigerant, to fully recharge from empty. This includes the lineset, coil and unit.

How often should a walk-in cooler defrost?

twice a day Walk-in freezers are usually designed to defrost once or twice a day. The more humid and warm a location, the more defrosts will be needed. If a system needs to be defrosted more frequently, add only one additional defrost period at a time and monitor the results.

Why is my walk-in cooler freezing up?

If the walk-in cooler is freezing up, the first step is to melt ice off the evaporator, and then check that the evaporation fan is running and rotating correctly. If only the first section of the evaporator is freezing, the problem may be a low charge or a restricted liquid line, drier, or metering device.

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