Question: Who married Gintoki?

5 He Never Got Married While there were many Gintama ships, Gintoki never got a romantic partner. The most notable were the masochistic Sarutobi Ayame and Tsukuyo, who gave up on womanhood.

Who gets married in Gintama?

Timeskip Arc Two years later, he retires as a Shinsengumi Commander and marries Otae.

Who will Gintoki end up with?

Gintoki does not end up with anyone in Gintama, as he does not have romance as his top priority. While he does like the weather girl, Ketsuno Ana, it is just a childish crush. He deeply cares for Otae and Tsukuyo; however, he has not been shown to reciprocate their love.

Is OTAE in love with Gintoki?

When Otae realized that Gintoki lost his memories, Otae intended to beat Gintoki up with a hammer until he regained his memory. When Gintoki stopped her and grabbed her arm with his new charming demeanor, Otae started to develop romantic feelings for the new Gintoki.

Who are the couples in Gintama?

RomCom: 10 Best Ships in Gintama1 Gin x Tsukuyo. At the top of this list is a beloved fan favorite of a Shounen tsundere routine.2 Kagura x Okita. 3 Hijikata x Mitsuba. 4 Shinpachi x Pandemonium. 5 Kondo x Otae. 6 Gin x Otae. 7 Kyubei x Otae. 8 Katsura x Ikumatsu. •Feb 8, 2020

Why is Gintoki so weak?

However, his biggest weakness is his rage/anger. Despite becoming faster and stronger, he is a berserker whose only goal is to kill his enemy, leading to enemies that are equal or stronger than him to defeat him or hold him off, as was the case with Oboro, Jirochou, and his later interactions with Utsuro.

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