Question: Did the Chile or Texas flag come first?

The flag of Texas was designed and adopted on 25 January 1839; whereas Chile adopted a flag similar to todays Chilean flag 22 years earlier on 18 October 1817.

What came first Texas or Chile?

But is Texas a flag copycat? The short answer is no. Although the Chilean flag was adopted in 1817, nearly two decades before the then-national flag was approved by the Texas Congress and President Mirabeau B.

Who was the first country to fly the Texas flag?

The first flag belonged to Spain, which ruled most of Texas from 1519 to 1685 and 1690 to 1821.

Who created the flag of Chile?

Flag of ChileProportion2:3Adopted18 October 1817DesignA horizontal bicolor of white and red with the blue square ended on the upper hoist-side corner of the white band bearing the white five-pointed star in the center.Designed byIgnacio Zenteno or Gregorio de Andía y Varela.Variant flag of Republic of Chile9 more rows

Is Chile a good place to live?

One of the best reasons to live in Santiago, Chile is the countrys economic stability and freedom from political corruption. Chile has also been recognized for its security, ranking as the 25th most peaceful country in the world and the most peaceful in Latin America, according to the Positive Peace Index (2017).

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