Question: What conflicts do the main character and her family face with each job clean sweep?

What is the conflict in clean sweep?

The conflict in this story is an external conflict: character vs. character, because it is Katie and Mrs. Leonardo. In the story they dont like each other in the beginning, but in the end, Katie starts to like her because she can be kind too.

What is the conflict between Mrs Leonardo and her sister?

Leonardo and her sister had an argument about the book because her sister was mad because she wanted the book when their mother died. Mrs. Leonardo thought she had given her sister the book, but it ended up being a misunderstanding because she hadnt. Teenage boy who doesnt like to work and may be a hypochondriac.

What internal and external conflicts does Katie face as a result of her fathers death?

External Conflict- When Katies dad died, his insurance policy was cancelled, and her family got no insurance. Internal Conflict- Katie felt hurt and sad when she was looking through her fathers things. External Conflict- Katie has to drag Benjamin who is a hypochondriac to Mrs.

What job does the clean sweep company do?

What job does the Clean Sweep company do? The company cleans houses.

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