Question: Whats the difference between a highway and a freeway?

All freeways are highways, but not every highway is a freeway. A freeway is a controlled-access highway — also known as an express highway — thats designed exclusively for high-speed vehicular traffic. Traffic across a freeway is carried by overpasses and underpasses.

Is there a difference between freeway and highway?

Since highways can both restrict access and include toll booths, a freeway is a highway that restricts access but doesnt include any toll booths. On top of that, while much of the Interstate Highway System is toll-free, there are parts that do include toll roads, and as such, they arent freeways.

What do British call a freeway?

A freeway is generally a very large road with many lanes, while highway can be applied to almost any road that is used for high-speed traffic. A freeway can be called a highway, but a highway cannot be called a freeway. Motorway, expressway, and thruway are generally only used in the UK.

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