Question: How do you choose sides for dinner?

What is the characteristics of side dish?

Side Dishes are typically smaller offerings than the showpiece, main dish of the meal. The purpose of a Side Dish is to balance out, round out or in other ways compliment the main dishes of a meal. In some cases this may mean to provide a mellowing flavor, in others a bit of spice.

What are good sides with fried fish?

21 Best Sides for Fried Fish (What to Serve with Fried Fish)Steamed Broccoli.Corn and Tomato Salad.Fruit Salsa.Roasted Cauliflower. Easy Side Dishes for Pan-Fried Fish.Easy Green Peas with Mint.Coleslaw.Hush Puppies.Microwave Mashed Potatoes. •Apr 8, 2021

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