Question: What do Moschops in Ark eat?

This tame is unique though that it will ask for certain foods and you must provide it with the food that it wants or the taming meter will not go up. The foods you will need to have are: Sap, leech blood, organic polymer, rare flower, rare mushroom, raw prime meat, and raw prime fish meat.

Do Moschops eat berries?

Moschops not eating. They will do an animation as if they are eating but their food level does not rise. Trying to remote feed them doesnt work either.

What do they eat in Ark?

Put the food you plan to feed to the creature in the far-right slot of your hotbar.Araneo prefers Spoiled Meat over Raw Meat.Arthropluera prefers Broth of Enlightenment over Spoiled Meat and Raw Meat.Basilosaurus prefers Exceptional Kibble over Meat and Fish.

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