Question: Who uses EndNote?

What is the EndNote used for?

EndNote enables you to: transfer and store references from electronic databases and library catalogues. insert citations to Word as you write. change styles easily and format a bibliography.

When should endnotes be used?

Like footnotes (which are used in this article), endnotes serve two main purposes in a research paper: (1) They acknowledge the source of a quotation, paraphrase, or summary; and (2) They provide explanatory comments that would interrupt the flow of the main text.

Is EndNote any good?

Its easy to use and has all it needs to have your literature collected and sorted and easy to use in Microsoft work. I can definitely recommend it, but have to admit that I dont have any experiences with Mendeley. An advantage of Endnote might be that its easy to work with others as many researchers already use it.

What is the difference between endnotes and references?

Endnotes will provide a short citation of all the different sources that you used in the paper, article, or essay. MLA uses a works cited that lists the sources used in the paper. APA uses a reference list that lists only sources used in the paper. Chicago/Turabian can use a bibliography.

Are endnotes the same as references?

Endnotes, Bibliography or Both In styles like MLA or APA, endnotes provide more information about a source or concept in the paper. Even if you use endnotes, youll still need a bibliography or reference list. The two are not interchangeable.

Which is better RefWorks or EndNote?

RefWorks is recommended for undergraduates and postgraduates taking coursework degrees. The UNDA Library provides classes and support to undergraduate students in using RefWorks. EndNote is more complex and suitable for Higher Degree Research students and staff, as it has additional features.

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