Question: How do I get my money back from Plum?

You can withdraw your money from Plum at any time, and as often as you like. There are also no fees, additional charges or limits for withdrawing your money from Plum. To withdraw money from Plum using our iOS or Android app, just tap Account and then Withdraw from the home tab.

Does Plum take your money?

The monthly fee charged by Plum is taken from your account via direct debit each month. If you invest with Plum Plus youll have to pay additional fund management fees of 0.15% and fund fees of 0.06% - 0.90%.

Why is Plum taking money from my account?

Dont worry, this is normal! Your funds have been transferred into your account and are in the process of being invested during the next trading cycle. As soon as your money is on the market, this will be reflected in your Plum investment profile balance.

How do I cancel my plum direct debit?

Just go to Personal details > Close account. Youll get an email confirmation once your account has been successfully closed. This procedure cancels any active Direct Debit mandates and deletes your bank login information from Truelayer, our data provider.

Can you trust Plum app?

Plum was launched in 2016 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as well as offering protection from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

How long does it take for money to transfer to Plum?

To transfer the money into your Plum account we will issue a Direct Debit payment from your linked bank account to Plum which usually takes 4 working days to reach us. During this time, your transfer will be marked as pending and you can find it inside the pockets page.

How long does Plum take to deliver?

When will I receive my order? We ship same day or next business day of receiving your order. Shipping times in India are usually 1-4 business days. We apologize if you are facing a greater delay - let us know at or call us at +91-750-649-6604.

Is Moneybox or plum better?

But Plum is the close winner, based on the fact that it just feels easier to navigate and use, plus its great autosaving feature. But dont rule out Moneybox as it does come with more savings options such as the Lifetime ISA and Stocks & Shares ISA. If you have more money to put away, this could appeal to you.

Whats better plum or Moneybox?

Plum is great if you have trouble saving on the whole and want a simple no fuss solution, whereas Moneybox has a larger range of accounts such as a personal pension. In terms of investment options Plum offers more fund options and is cheaper overall.

Is Plum A Indian brand?

Plum is Indias first 100% vegan brand, AND Indias first online-only beauty brand.

Is Plum good for dry skin?

As pure as it gets! Recommended for: Normal, dry and sensitive skin Not recommended for: Oily and acne-prone skin About Plum natural skin carePlum is Indias first online-only beauty solution brand focused on restoring and maintaining your skin as nature made it to be.

Are money saving apps safe?

A VPN encrypts your connection, preventing third parties from monitoring your online activities, Hauk says. Obviously, nothing is guaranteed, but in general, budget tracking apps are considered very safe from cybercriminals.

Is Plum 100% natural?

Plum, an online-cosmetic brand started by Prasad in July 2014, happens to be the first, if not the only, beauty brand in India thats 100% vegan, logs in over 10,000 shipments every month, boasts of over 35 SKUs ranging from Rs. 335 to Rs.

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