Question: Do Bens cookies do vegan cookies?

Our cookies are suitable for vegetarians and we now offer vegan cookies too. Our vegan range is steadily developing and we will introduce more delicious vegan flavours soon.

Are Bens cookies gluten free?

Bens Cookies calls their gluten-free cookies “gluten-friendly,” since they cant guarantee that they are made in a completely GF environment. Those with severe celiac disease or wheat allergies may unfortunately have to avoid the cookies, but the cookies ingredients are 100% gluten-free.

Can I freeze cut out sugar cookies?

Place the cookies into an airtight container. Freeze for up to 3 months. To thaw, keep the cookies in the airtight container at room temperature for at least 2 hours.

How long will decorated sugar cookies stay fresh?

Storage and Packaging For Decorated Cookies They will stay fresh for 3 to 4 weeks after that (depending on what cookie recipe youre using). If you dont have a heat sealer or cello bags, an airtight container will keep them fresh for a few days.

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