Question: Why is Edelgard the best?

Another reason Edelgard might be the best leader in the game is that shes the strongest character in the game, aside from Byleth. Admittedly her path to power is slow at the beginning of the game, but as the story progresses and her skills improve, she becomes an absolute powerhouse in the endgame.

What Edelgard class is best?

Best Class For EdelgardArmored Knight. Lance. Axe. Hvy Armor.Brigand. Axe. Brawl.Swordmaster. Sword.Fortress Knight. Lance. Axe. Hvy Armor.Wyvern Rider. Axe. Flying.Warrior. Axe.Mortal Savant. Sword. Reason.Great Knight. Lance. Axe. Hvy Armor. •Jul 26, 2019

Is Edelgard a good mage?

Edelgard is different to all other mages in the fact that she uses black magic and dark magic (fire, bolganone, luna, hades), meaning that she would be a great fit for the valkyrie class, which increases on her already impressive bulk and also buffs her magic to 50% (it might be 55%).

What happens if you dont talk to Edelgard?

A major requirement for Edelgard route is to speak to Edelgard during 2/8~2/22. You will not trigger her story arc If you dont talk to her during this time.

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