Question: Who is the first VTuber in the world?

While digital avatars had been present on YouTube since the early 2010s, the first VTuber to achieve real popularity was Kizuna AI. Kizuna, portrayed by Nozomi Kasuga, a Japanese voice actor who turned 26 this year, was also a hit in the “real world.”

Who was the first Hololive VTuber?

Tokino Sora On September 7th, Cover Corps debuted their first VTuber, namely Tokino Sora. 3 months after, Cover opened auditions for its second VTuber, Roboco.

Was Ai Chan the first VTuber?

Although the first channel to use a CG avatar for vlogging purposes on YouTube was the channel of English-Japanese Ami Yamato, who debuted her first video in 2011, Kizuna is the worlds first virtual YouTuber with the characteristics as we know today, much like the one who coined the term Virtual YouTuber.

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