Question: Does my car insurance cover me in a private car park?

Insurance Cover for Private Car Parks Whilst most drivers will claim against their car insurance in the event of a car park accident, you may find yourself subject to a claim if someone is injured, or if their property is stolen or damaged.

Can you claim in a private car park?

However, it can be difficult to get compensation for damage to cars parked in private car parks. Legally, car park operators are only liable for damage or loss that has been caused by the negligence of the company or its staff, and car owners need to be able to prove this.

Do you need to pay insurance for a parked car?

The law says that you must normally have at least third party motor insurance if you drive or own a vehicle. You must also have insurance if you leave it parked on the street, on your driveway or in your garage. If it isnt they can seize it immediately, even if you then arrange insurance at the roadside.

Is car insurance cheaper if you park on a driveway?

Weve found that parking on your drive is often the cheapest option, a spokesman says. Any driver who does not commute to work by car should take that option off their premium for a saving, according to Peter. A driver who is then judged to be a low-risk proposition will see this reflected in their premium.

What happens if I dont pay a parking charge notice?

If you dont pay: the cost could go up as you might have to pay court costs โ€“ and PCNs are increased by 50% if you dont pay in time. your credit rating could be affected. the court could send bailiffs to take your belongings.

Will Euro Car Parks take me to court?

Euro Car Parks have issued a County Court Claim against you and you must defend it to make sure you dont get a CCJ. Our simple service is to guide you on how to acknowledge the claim, write your defence and we can submit your defence online as well.

Where do you keep the car overnight?

Ideally, you should park your car in a car port or on the driveway of your home. While you might think that a garage is the best overnight option, some insurance providers see this as an opportunity for you to damage your car as you drive in and out, so a reduction on your car insurance is not guaranteed.

What to do if you scratch a parked car?

If its more than a scratch, you should probably file a police report. While most law enforcement wont actually come to the scene physically, they may still take your information for an accident report. You can also find a security guard that patrols the parking lot and have them write up an incident report.

Where is your car kept during the day?

Based on average car insurance premiums*, the best place to park your car for both day and night is in a carport. As you might expect, this is because your car will be parked off the road, likely on your own property, and in a reasonably open space.

What happens if you ignore a PCN?

If youve ignored a parking ticket If you dont pay: the cost could go up as you might have to pay court costs โ€“ and PCNs are increased by 50% if you dont pay in time. your credit rating could be affected. the court could send bailiffs to take your belongings.

Do you have to pay a contractual parking charge notice?

Do I have to pay a Parking Charge Notice (PCN)? You must either pay or appeal a Parking Charge Notice โ€“ if you receive a PCN, you have deemed to be in breach of contract for parking on private land. It is your responsibility to pay the fine, or submit a valid appeal as to why you are not at fault.

Can private parking companies send bailiffs?

A private parking operator cant issue bailiffs, but they can pursue the debt through County Court to apply for a County Court Judgment against you.

How do Euro Car Parks work?

ANPR is a CCTV based system that uses infra-red cameras to read vehicle registration numbers and capture images of the vehicle. The system works day and night, in most weather conditions. Euro Car Parks provides a tailor-made system to meet each clients requirements.

Will my rates go up if someone hit my parked car?

Know that if another driver hits your car in a parking lot, and you report the incident to the police and your insurance company, where you are found not at fault, your insurance rates will not increase. You cant control what another driver does, but you can control how much you pay for your car insurance.

What happens if your car is hit while parked?

If your car is hit while parked, its important to document the damage and file a claim with your insurance company. Each state sets a dollar amount to determine when you should file a police report. In most cases, damages over $1,000 require filing an official accident report.

Should I leave a note if I bump a car?

Leave a Note Your note should include your name, address, phone number and/or email address. Avoid leaving specific insurance information but be sure that the owner of the car has a way to contact you. Leave the note securely under a windshield wiper blade so your information wont blow away.

Should you leave a note if you scratch someones car?

If you are unable to locate the damaged vehicles owner, obtain a pen and paper to write a note containing an apology, your name, your phone number, and an explanation of what happened. Dont provide any sensitive personal information that may be stolen by a passerby.

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