Question: What does the ending of Eyes Wide Shut mean?

After this encounter, Bill finally realizes the dark side of this world of sex and anonymity, returning to his wife Alices side. She is still open with him about her past sexual fantasies, but in the end they stay loyal to each other, happy that their marriage and mutual sexual attraction have survived this long.

Whats the meaning of Eyes Wide Shut?

It means a person refuses to see something in plain view, because of preconceived notions of what this something should look like. This frequently happens to naïve people.

What happened to the woman in Eyes Wide Shut?

Trivia. Mandy is considered a hero due to her sacrifising herself for Bill after he saved her from dying after overdosing on speedball. Actress, Julienne Davis considered the role very risky as she was fully naked in the film but eventually went for it after being considered by Stanley Kubrick.

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