Question: What 3 things do all explosions need?

A reaction must be capable of being initiated by the application of shock, heat, or a catalyst (in the case of some explosive chemical reactions) to a small portion of the mass of the explosive material.

What three things are needed for an explosion?

Fires and explosions require three elements in order to occur (the fire triangle): oxygen, fuel and heat.

How do Explosions work?

An explosion occurs when a large amount of energy is released into a small volume of area in a very short time. Burning very rapidly, explosive material releases concentrated gas that expands quickly to fill the surrounding air space and apply pressure to everything in it.

What is the difference between burning and explosions?

A key difference between fire and explosion is that in fire, the fuel (e.g. burning candle) and the oxidizer (air) are clearly separated. Oxygen molecules, necessary to maintain the occurrence of combustion, reach the flame largely by diffusion.

Why do people open their mouths before an explosion?

Explosions create waves of increased pressure, followed by negative pressure, which can be extremely damaging to ears and internal organs. Keeping ones mouth open is said to equalize pressure, therefore reducing internal damage.

What is permitted explosive?

Permitted Explosives is versatile water in oil emulsion explosives for blasting in underground coal mines for cut blasting and depillaring.

What is the difference between a high and low explosive?

Low explosives are mixtures of chemicals that burn very rapidly, but subsonically (as opposed to supersonically), meaning that they “deflagrate.” They consist typically of fuel and an oxidizer. High explosives consist of materials that typically combine the reacting elements in the same molecule.

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