Question: Why did they remove the alternator apex?

Respawn moved the Alternator to the care package to shake up Apexs early-game meta—and because no one expected it. You cant use it to hold attachments for your R-301 in season 10. Additionally, the Alternator is a quintessential early-game weapon in Apex.

Is the alternator still in Apex?

The Alternator has moved from being an early-game SMG in Apex Legends to a true late-game terror in Season 10. Its now found in care packages, and will melt enemies on sight thanks to the return of Disruptor Rounds. Heres how you can master it. The Alternator used to be just a peashooter in Apex Legends.

Is alternator good apex?

Lead game designer Daniel Klein shared some insight into the statistics of the two weapons. The Alternator has a higher encounter win rate than the R-99 in Apex Legends. The Alternator is a good weapon until players find their actual preferred guns, such as an R-301 or R-99, for instance.

Is alternator going in care package?

The Spitfire and Alternator will go into care packages. Spitfire will be reverted to pre-nerf. Alternator has Disruptor Rounds equipped.

Does the care package alternator have disruptor rounds?

Now, it is limited to the care package, which Canavese explained as part of the reason Disruptor Rounds werent nerfed more: We do feel its okay to keep some of that sharper edge that [the Alternator with Disruptor Rounds] has because it is actually locked away in the care package.

Will disruptor rounds come back?

Originally the Apex Legends Disruptor Rounds were also available for the RE-45 as well as the Alternator. However, it seems they will only be coming back for the Alternator, which will exclusively be in the care package.

Is Apex bring back disruptor rounds?

Disruptor Rounds are back and better than ever, in Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence.

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