Question: What class is Kita?

Kita Shinsuke, the captain of the boys volleyball team, is in Class 7 so you told them youll talk to him instead.

What class is Kita in Haikyuu?

Shinsuke Kita is a third-year wing spiker and the captain of Inarizaki High.

Is Kita a third-year?

Shinsuke Kita (Japanese: 北 きた 信介 しんすけ , Kita Shinsuke) was previously a third-year wing spiker and the captain of Inarizaki High. As of 2018, he is a rice farmer in Hyogo.

What is Kita Shinsuke favorite food?

Favorite food: Sashimi of white-fleshed fish (like sea bream, flounder, etc.) Current concern: When I drink tea with Kita, Atsumu says we look like an elderly couple.

What is Kita in Japanese?

Kita is a Japanese and Polish surname. As a Japanese surname it might be written various ways in kanji (e.g. 北 meaning north; 木田 meaning field of trees; 喜多 meaning many happinesses). Notable people with the surname include: Ikki Kita (北 一輝, 1883–1937), Japanese philosopher.

What does Kita Shinsuke smell like?

shinsuke kita ➝ like fresh wet grass in the early morning, almost intimate. aran ojiro ➝ like honey being poured into green tea, saccharine but pleasant.

What does Shinsuke mean in Japanese?

From Japanese 伸 (shin) meaning extend, stretch, open or 真 (shin) meaning real, genuine combined with 介 (suke) meaning help, assist.

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