Question: In which direction will the compass needle point if it is held above the wire?

How do I relate the direction of a compass needle to the direction of a current? A compass needle is placed above the wire points with its N-pole toward the east.

What direction will the compass needle point when the current in the wire is into the page?

When you put the compass near the electrical wire with current flowing through it, the compass did not point north; instead, the compass needle pointed in the direction of the currents magnetic field.

In which direction will the needle of the compass point if it is placed at the south pole of a bar magnet?

In Experiment 1, when you bring the compass near a strong bar magnet, the needle of the compass points in the direction of the south pole of the bar magnet. When you take the compass away from the bar magnet, it again points north.

What is the direction of a compass needle placed at point A?

Which way will the needle of a compass placed at A point? Answer: to the right since a compass lines up with the magnetic field.

How does the compass needle move when the compass is below the wire above the wire?

The compass needle moves towards the east, 90 degrees from where it was and in the opposite direction to when the compass was on top of the wire. So the magnetic field direction is different above and below the wire. This happens because there is actually a magnetic field created which goes around the wire.

What happen when a compass needle is brought near a wire in which current is flowing?

The needle of a magnetic compass starts deflecting when it is kept nearby a wire through which electric current is flowing. Therefore, this magnetic needle and the magnetic field suffer attractions and repulsions and hence the needle gets deflected.

What does right hand thumb rule states?

Right hand thumb rule states that, “If you imagine holding a current carrying wire in your right-hand with your thumb pointing towards the direction of electric current flow then the direction in which your fingers curl, gives the direction of lines of force of the magnetic field”.

What material makes the best electromagnet?

soft iron Hence, the best material used to make electromagnet is soft iron. So, the correct answer is “Option C”. Note: An electromagnetic is a type of magnet in which there is formation of magnetic fields from the current applied in it. The electromagnets are made up of soft iron, which have low retentivity and low coercivity.

Where is the most powerful magnet on Earth?

The worlds most powerful magnet was built in the United States in 2011 in a University Center in Florida. This super magnet has a magnetic field of 44.14 Teslas, and we can say that it is 900 thousand times that of the earth and more than 9 times that of a closed resonance equipment that we find in a hospital.

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