Question: Does Darksiders Genesis have coop?

Darksiders Genesis is essentially an isometric loot-em-up in the vein of games like Diablo and Path of Exile. Youll blast way as either Strife or War, packing guns, swords and special abilities. You and a friend can team up on the same screen using the local co-op functionality.

How do you play coop on Darksiders Genesis?

How to Play Co-Op in Darksiders GenesisClick the Friends menu in the top-right corner of Steam.Choose View Friends List.Right-click your friends name.Select Remote Play Together.Start playing multiplayer co-op.6 Dec 2019

How many players can coop in Darksiders Genesis?

How many people can play? The maximum number of players in Darksiders Genesis is two.

How do you invite friends in Darksiders Genesis?

To play with your friends, just start the game and select “Friends or invite-only”. Your friend must be added on your steam list. Once you have completed watching the first cutscene you will be able to join each other. To join, just click on the arrow above your friends name in Steam Social, and click join.

Is Genesis a 2 player game?

The PS4-exclusive MOBA Genesis is getting a big update to make it better, including a hero that two people control simultaneously.

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