Question: Do bee sting reactions get worse over time?

You probably wont have a severe allergic reaction the first time you are stung. But even if your first reaction to a sting is mild, allergic reactions can get worse with each sting. Your next reaction may be more severe or even deadly.

Can you have a reaction to a bee sting hours later?

Bee Sting Reaction Time A person with a bee sting will likely experience severe pain for one to two hours after getting stung. After intense pain, the area will start to become itchy. Redness, pain, and swelling can last up to seven days after the incident. This is for someone not allergic to bee stings.

How long does an allergic reaction to bee sting last?

Moderate reactions tend to resolve over five to 10 days. Having a moderate reaction doesnt mean youll have a severe allergic reaction the next time youre stung. But some people develop similar moderate reactions each time theyre stung.

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