Question: Can you add fabric softener to laundry detergent?

Simply add the recommended amount of fabric softener to the dispenser or detergent drawer on your washer. Read your instructions carefully so you know which is the fabric softener dispenser and which is the laundry detergent dispenser.

Can I mix Lysol laundry sanitizer with fabric softener?

Can you use lysol laundry sanitizer with fabric softener? No. Dont do that since you are putting Lysol Laundry Sanitizer into the fabric softener compartment.

Why do my clothes smell like bleach after washing?

Adding too much bleach to the washing cycle can leave a strong bleach odor on laundered items. The smell can persist for days after laundering, and cologne or perfume simply mask the chemical odor. After the washing machine completes a full cycle, remove the items from the washer and put them inside the dryer.

Is it necessary to add laundry sanitizer?

The experts agree that you should regularly sanitize your dirtiest laundry. But you dont need to sanitize every single load of laundry. Regular washing will remove some germs and bacteria, but to sanitize laundry means to use high temperatures or chemicals to kill 99.9 percent of germs.

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