Question: What Child Is Asuka?

Asuka is designated as the Second Child (Second Children in the original Japanese versions) of the Evangelion Project and pilots the Evangelion Unit-02.

Is Asuka the third child?

The numbering system is based on the order in which the Eva pilots were selected. Asuka enjoys taunting Shinji by referring to him as the Third Children, pointing out that she is the Second Children, as if being selected before Shinji somehow quantifiably makes her superior to him.

Who is the 5th Eva pilot?

Kaworu Kaworu is brought to NERV as the Fifth Child to replace Asuka, who is no longer able to pilot Unit-02. He is only able to pilot Unit-02 whilst its soul is in hiding. In his first test, Kaworu immediately achieves impressive synchronization results.

Is kaworu the first angel?

Kaworu Nagisa is the First and Thirteenth Angel in the Rebuild continuity. No angelic name has been revealed for him.

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