Question: What does creek mean in slang?

up the creek, Slang. in a predicament; in a difficult or seemingly hopeless situation.

Whats up the creek mean?

In trouble, in a serious predicament, as in If the check doesnt arrive today Im up a creek, or The car wouldnt start, so I was up the creek without a paddle. This slangy idiom conjures up the image of a stranded canoeist with no way of moving (paddling) the canoe.

Is there such a word as creek?

Creek is a noun that refers to a shallow stream. Crick is an American dialectical variant that is popular in some genres of fiction. Creek is the standard term in all other contexts.

Is creek a British word?

From Middle English crēke, from Old Norse kriki. Early British colonists of Australia and the Americas used the term in the usual British way, to name inlets; as settlements followed the inlets upstream and inland, the names were retained and creek was reinterpreted as a general term for a small waterway..

Is creek an Australian term?

Words of British, Irish or American origin For example: a creek in Australia (as in North America), is any stream or small river, whereas in England it is a small watercourse flowing into the sea; paddock is the Australian word for field, while in England it is a small enclosure for livestock.

What does the idiom bugging me mean?

One would use this phrase to let an annoying person know that they are being bothersome. To annoy, irritate,” is the Oxford English Dictionarys definition of this slang usage of the word. This is another common phrase. Saying, “Whats bugging you,” is the equivalent to saying, “What is bothering you?”

What is the meaning of priori?

A priori, Latin for from the former, is traditionally contrasted with a posteriori. Whereas a posteriori knowledge is knowledge based solely on experience or personal observation, a priori knowledge is knowledge that comes from the power of reasoning based on self-evident truths.

What is the synonym of creek?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for creek, like: stream, brook, watercourse, streamlet, branch, crick, kill, river, channel, rivulet and runnel.

What is a creek in the UK?

creek. • noun 1 a small waterway such as an inlet in a shoreline or channel in a marsh.

What is a fart called in Australia?

Opened Ones Lunchbox An Australian term for fart that, according to Greens, debuted in the Barry McKenzie comic strip. You can apparently also say upon tooting that you dropped your lunchbox.

Whats it mean to bag someone?

1. verb To arrest someone. verb To die. If you dont call 9-1-1 right now, this guys going to bag!

What does bugging out mean?

1 : to retreat during a military action especially : to flee in panic. 2 : to depart especially in a hurry.

Is God a priori or a posteriori?

Anselms ontological argument alleges that “God exists” is a statement that, if we are thinking clearly and understand the definition of “God,” we can know to be true a priori. So according to Paleys design argument, our knowledge that God exists is a posteriori.

What does a priori mean in law?

from what comes before A Latin term meaning from what comes before. In legal arguments, a priori generally means that a particular idea is taken as a given. criminal law.

What is the opposite of creek?

What is the opposite of creek?lakelochloughmeretarn

What do Aussies call babies?

Aussie SlangPhrase/termMeaningAnkle-biterchildArvoafternoonBarbiebarbequeBarracksupport (a sports team)55 more rows

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