Question: Why do guys open their legs while sitting?

Men have smaller, narrower ischium bones, which means we need more stability, hence why we sit with our legs open.

What does it mean when you sit with your legs open?

As it is a relatively relaxed position, crossed ankles with slightly open legs shows that you feel comfortable. If you sit with your ankles crossed, its very regal and queen-like, so youll make everyone around you feel confident as well.

Can guys close their legs when sitting?

The legs themselves are 2-10 inches apart – and its not comfortable and isnt recommended for how men should sit. This position doesnt necessarily “hide” your manhood – but the thighs still put pressure on it. Thats why its natural for grown men NOT to keep their knees close together while seated.

Why do guys cross their legs?

Seeing a man with his body tidily folded into itself – you know, the way women are taught to do – suggests a willingness, perhaps, to take up equal space as women. Its a subtle gesture that has the power to communicate that youre not just comfortable with femininity, but a staunch advocate of femininity in all forms.

What does it mean if a guy spreads his legs?

Leg spreading According to human behaviour expert Vanessa Van Edwards, any time a man tries to spread himself out hes giving you the come on. “When men want to be seen as both attractive and protective, they will often splay their legs or drape their arms around nearby objects, like a chair or stool.

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