Question: Where do I find my duo app?

Where is the Duo app on my phone?

To see which version of Duo Mobile is installed on your device, go to the Android Settings menu, tap Apps, then scroll down and tap Duo Mobile.

Do I have Google duo on my phone?

with Google Duo. Duo is the highest quality1 video calling app. Its free, simple and works on Android phones, iPhones, tablets, computers, and smart displays, like the Google Nest Hub Max.

How do I open the Duo app?

Set up Google DuoStep 1: Install Duo. Duo is available on Android phones and tablets. Step 2: Verify your phone number. You can skip phone number verification. Step 3: Connect your Google Account. To connect your Google Account, tap Agree. After you verify your number on Duo. Use Duo to call your contacts.

Do I have Duo on my phone?

Its for iOS and Android Sorry, Windows Phone users. Duo is cross-platform, but its only available for iOS and Android since theyre the two most used mobile operating systems. Its also not available for Windows, OS X, or Chrome OS.

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