Question: Does Ciel marry Elizabeth?

Elizabeth was born to Francis and Alexis Leon Midford in 1874, a few years after her older brother Edward. Since his birth a year later, she was betrothed to her cousin Ciel Phantomhive, the future Earl of Phantomhive and Queens Watchdog.

Does Elizabeth midford marry Ciel?

Her name is Elizabeth Midford, albeit her full name is a mouthful, and she is Ciel Phantomhives cousin and fiance. Since the series took place in the 19th century, marriage amongst the family was accepted. She is a cute little lady with blond curls and green eyes, as well as a bubbly personality.

Does Elizabeth betray Ciel?

She feels betrayed by the one she loved. And she hasnt gotten any explanation other than the one real Ciel, Bravat and those at the cult have given her. Our Ciel surely never intended to hurt Lizzy but that doesnt change the fact that this is what happened. She has been lied to and feels betrayed now.

Does Ciel marry his cousin?

Einstein was married twice, first to his former student Mileva Maric, and then to his cousin Elsa. His marriages were marred with affairs, along with women lavishing gifts on him.

Is the black butler a bl?

While Toboso doesnt seem to view her recent works as boys-love , Black Butler certainly has romantic elements, or at least elements that could be perceived as such. With the series still ongoing, future events may help to shed more light on the characters deepest feelings.

Whos the strongest in black butler?

1 Baron Kelvin Black Butlers strongest and most diabolic villain was Baron Kelvin. Most fans agree that he was by far the worst in the series.

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