Question: Does Dr Melendez and Claire kiss?

Do Claire and Dr Melendez get together?

Fans of the relationship were given a final moment between the pair as it was Claire who had the final goodbye with the character. In their final scene together, they admitted they loved each other with Claire saying it first.

What episode do Dr Melendez and Claire kiss?

In episode 18 of The Good Doctor, Dr. Claire Browne finally realized that she has feelings for her boss, Dr. Neil Melendez — but not all fans are happy. They share lots of laughs and.

Why does Dr Melendez have to die?

Melendez Was Killed Off. After the Season 3 finale, The Good Doctor creator David Shore revealed to Deadline exactly why it was that Melendez that ended up being the victim of the earthquake. He said: None of it is personal.

Does Shaun Murphy get a girlfriend?

Among the highlights: Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara) are engaged, Drs.

How does Dr Melendez die?

Melendez was a surgeon who worked at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital alongside the likes of Dr. Shaun Murphy. But after being hit by the earthquake rubble, Melendez sustained internal organ damage, which led to his death.

Who is Melendez girlfriend?

Jessica Preston Jessica Preston is the hospitals in-house attorney and Vice President of Risk Management. She was also engaged to Dr. Neil Melendez. She takes her job very seriously and hopes to prove that she is more than just the granddaughter of the hospitals founder.

What episode does Dr Melendez die?

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Part 2 of The Good Doctors Season 3 finale. R.I.P., Neil Melendez. In The Good Doctors Season 3 finale, the surgical attending (played by original cast member Nicholas Gonzalez) died after succumbing to internal injuries sustained in Part 1s brewery collapse.

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