Question: Is FL4K a girl?

FL4K is drawn to Death and refers to it as a woman. They recognize that sex is a thing, but theyre still trying to figure that out. Likes: Carrying a spiked, pink pet bowl to feed their pets. The challenge of battle.

Is FL4K a guy?

According to the websites moderation team, FL4K is non-binary, meaning they use they/them pronouns. Users also cited confusion that that FL4K appeared male and had a male voice actor, and yet they were considered non-binary. However, FL4K is certainly non-binary.

Are FL4K and Zer0 related?

Both characters have numbers in their names, though FL4K himself is not named after a number. the Son of Crawmerax, who helps support the theory that Zer0 and FL4K are related. In the DLC, Zer0 is helped by a character known as 0ne.

What does FL4K mean?

Trivia. FL4Ks name is shortened from a 512 alphanumeric character factory designator. During interaction with BALEX, FL4K reveals, My 512-character alphanumeric designation has no meaning, but I have shortened it to FL4K for the sake of time.

What is Mozes full name?

Mozes backstory Her full name is Moserah Hayussinian Yan-Lun al-Amir Andreyevna, but she goes by Moze for short. She spent her early days as a soldier for the Vladof army. She specialized in mechanized combat, and as such was gifted with Iron Bear, a giant bipedal tank that she can hop into and control.

Which is the best pet for FL4K?

The best Borderlands 3 Fl4K builds The Great Horned Skag is a good pet for the gun damage bonus, and Atomic Aroma keeps a cloud of radioactive pain around your little buddy at all times.

What species is zer0?

Zero TwoSpeciesHuman-Klaxo sapien hybridGenderFemaleOccupationSpecial forces mecha pilotSpouseHiro8 more rows

Does FL4K know Zer0?

Both Zer0 and Fl4Ks skills include one called Two Fang, except of course, each has the letters properly replaced: Tw0 Fang and Two F4NG. Borderlands 3 players who main FL4K were also quick to realize some interesting dialogue between the two, with FL4K referring to Zer0 as familiar upon meeting him.

Does Moze have a crush on Amara?

If in a co-op game that has Amara, Moze may let slip that she Loves [her] arms when she uses one of her action skills. There is another voice line hinting to her having a crush on Amara in Arms Race when she interacts with an extraction station, asking Whats gonna impress Amara more?

Is FL4K a sniper?

FL4K is the “sniper” in borderlands 3 but there are no gun specific ties to skill trees in bl3 so anyone can be a sniper.

Is Zer0 a human?

Background. Zer0 is an assassin for hire. In an ECHO recording, Angel remarks that shes not even sure if Zer0 is human; both in-game and promotional material show that he has only four digits on each hand. His origins and real name are also unknown, leaving the character shrouded in mystery.

Is Zer0 an Eridian?

Zer0 is a new Assassin playable character in Borderlands 2. There are theories to zero that indicate her may be an Eridian Alien from the first borderlands.

Does moxxi like Zer0?

Moxxi has what appears to be a one way flirtatious relationship with Zer0.

Is FL4K a robot?

FL4K is a wandering robot who always brings one of their three loyal pets into battle to buff stats and attack enemies.

Is Amara Indian?

Shes based on indian culture. Especially the connection between her phase fists and Shiva.

Which FL4K pet is the best?

The best Borderlands 3 Fl4K builds The Great Horned Skag is a good pet for the gun damage bonus, and Atomic Aroma keeps a cloud of radioactive pain around your little buddy at all times.

How old is moxxi bl?

Mad MoxxiGenderFemaleAge50sOccupationHostessFamilyJimbo Hodunk - Ex-Husband Scooter - Son Ellie - Daughter Tector Hodunk - Step-Son5 more rows

Is the name Amara popular?

Amara, the multicultural girls name with roots in three continents, entered Nameberrys Top 10 for the first time in 2017 and now is all the way up at Number 2 for girls. A name thats come into widespread use only in this century, Amara is also climbing official popularity lists in the US, England, and Germany.

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