Question: What happened Pete Briscoe?

It is with heavy hearts that the Elders of Bent Tree announce that Pete Briscoe has submitted his resignation as Senior Pastor. The Elder Board has accepted Petes decision, and his resignation is effective March 31, 2019. Pete has offered to be available to help with the transition.

Where is pastor Pete Briscoe?

About Pete Briscoe I am too. After preaching about 4000 times, I have experienced the ups and downs of juggling sermon preparation with pastoral responsibilities while serving as the senior pastor of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, TX. for almost 30 years.

How is Stuart Briscoe doing?

At 90, renowned Elmbrook pastor Stuart Briscoe is still living for God — while living with cancer. After serving in the Royal Marines, working in banking, helping a youth center and preaching around the world, Briscoe embarked on a three-month-long speaking engagement throughout the United States.

What religion is Jill Briscoe?

Christian She is the founder and executive editor of Just Between Us, a Christian womens lifestyle magazine that serves women involved in church ministry. She is a former member of the boards of directors of World Relief and Christianity Today, having served in that capacity for over 20 years.

What denomination is Stuart Briscoe?

Stuart Briscoe (born 11 November 1930) is an evangelical Christian author, international speaker and the former senior pastor of Elmbrook Church, in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Elmbrook is the largest church in Wisconsin, averaging 7,000 in attendance per week, making it one of the 100-largest churches in the United States.

Who is Rhea Briscoe?

Rhea Briscoe is an active keynote and conference speaker who has a passion to see women experience the freedom and power found only in Jesus Christ. She enjoys sharing the love of Christ and watching women be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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