Question: What is the most common name in Vancouver?

This year, Olivia is followed by Liam, Oliver, Noah, Lucas, Emma, Theodore, Benjamin, Ethan and Charlotte. In 2019, Olivia was the top choice for babies born in B.C., followed by Oliver, Liam, Lucas, Ethan, Noah, William, Benjamin, Charlotte and Theodore.

What is the most common first name in Canada?

Most Popular First Names In CanadaRankGenderForename1100%John2100%David3100%Robert4100%Michael94 more rows

While Olivia is top overall, French Canadians in places like Quebec hold the name Emma even closer....Top Girls Names in Canada:Olivia.Emma.Mia.Sophia.Zoey.Charlotte.Amelia.Aria. •21 Jun 2021

Olivia In 2017, the most popular girls name in Canada was Olivia, followed by Emma and Charlotte. Sophia, the top baby girls name in 2016 fell to the 4th position.

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