Question: Who is the most useless Disney princess?

One of the original trinity of Disney princesses, Aurora debuted in Sleeping Beauty. Her legacy has endured for decades. She still lands herself in the most worthless of princess spots because shes not even the main player in her own story.

Who is the most useless Disney character?

1.) Flounder and Sebastian. While Flounder cant help Ariel on her adventures on land, he is still front and center in the majority of the movie posters. HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE! We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but Flounder is by far the most useless Disney character of all time.

Who is the most unpopular princess?

Disney: The 10 Most Underrated Princesses3 Princess Eilonwy.4 Esmerelda. 5 Megara. 6 Merida. 7 Tiana. 8 Kida. 9 Princess Aurora. 10 Rapunzel. The star of Disneys 50th animated film might not look underrated at first glance, but boy is she ever. •Dec 15, 2019

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