Question: When do you get a port?

Why Do You Need an Implantable Port? If youre getting chemotherapy for cancer, or other medications, its easier for the doctor to give you medication or IV fluids through a port. Otherwise, youd need regular shots or needle sticks in your veins. The port is less painful and lowers your risk of infection, too.

Do I have to get a port for chemo?

Overview. Without a port or a PICC line, a new IV needle will need to be placed each time you have chemotherapy, and separate IV lines are needed if you require IV fluids or a blood transfusion.

How soon can a port be used after insertion?

Most patients are sore for four to seven days following surgery and it is best to wait five to seven days before accessing the new port. 6. How long will a Port-a-Cath last? Most surgeons say most ports will last anywhere from two to six years.

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