Question: Is homemade kombucha worth it?

In general, homemade kombucha is not only easy to make but its also an inexpensive option in comparison to its store bought counterpart. If youre a frequent kombucha drinker, then making your own kombucha in larger batches will not only last you longer but save you more money and time down the line.

Is making your own kombucha worth it?

If youre a fan of kombucha and drink it with any frequency, we definitely think making your own is a worthwhile endeavor. The upfront costs are relatively minimal for a project like this (and lets be honest, most of us already use water filters and have canning jars sitting around). After that, the savings are clear.

Does homemade kombucha taste like store-bought?

Not as much as store-bought kombucha, but it was definitely there. It also tasted really good, not too sweet, not too vinegary, almost like apple cider (and nothing like tea).

Does homemade kombucha have more probiotics?

Kombucha is known to have many health benefits irrespective of any live probiotics. Homemade sourdough is cooked and has no live probiotics, but its still incredibly healthy. Healthy foods that are beneficial to the gut come in many forms.

Why you shouldnt make your own kombucha?

The good news — when prepared properly, kombucha becomes more acidic over time creating a not-so-friendly habitat for these bad bacteria to live. The bad news — fermenting your home-brew for too long can throw off your own bodys pH levels and make you feel ill.

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