Question: How do you know if a stock is ADR?

Thats why the best way to make absolutely certain a stock is an ADR is to look it up on one of the aforementioned ADR sites. Simply key in your ticker or company name in the search field and hit enter. If your company comes up, its an ADR; if it doesnt, its not.

What is the difference between ADR and ADS?

What is the difference between an ADR and an ADS? An American Depositary Receipt (ADR) is the actual physical certificate whereas an American Depositary Share (ADS) is the actual share. An ADR can represent any number of ADSs. The term ADR is often used to mean both the certificates and the securities themselves.

How often are ADR fees?

The charges, commonly 2 cents per share, are intended to cover the cost of coordinating overseas investments. For ADRs that include this provision, the broker can levy the charge at any time, but no more than once a year. Your broker should be able to give you a list of ADRs with these fees.

Do rights pay dividends?

Both rights and warrants conceptually resemble publicly traded call options in some respects. They also resemble market options in that they have no voting rights and do not pay dividends or offer any form of claim on the company.

How much are ADR pass through fees?

ADRs are created and issued by both domestic and international banks. These custodian banks or ADR agents will typically charge an ADR pass-through fee to cover administrative or other costs associated with the ongoing management of the particular ADR program. The average fee is one to three cents per share.

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