Skyval is revolutionising how defined benefit pension schemes are managed

"Skyval is a powerful tool that enables all parties to have access to much faster and higher quality information; enabling sponsors and trustees to sit down, look from a common perspective at the issues facing the pension scheme and move ahead with management."

Nigel Tinsley, Pensions Director, BAE Systems plc

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What is Skyval?

Skyval is a web-based pension analytics platform which gives you control.

It provides clear and comprehensive data and analytics for your defined benefit schemes in one place.

With no reliance on any single adviser, you have the freedom to choose
who you work with.

It can transform the way you run your occupational pension scheme
by allowing all parties involved in managing your scheme to access
the same data – ruling out inconsistencies, speeding up decision
making and saving cost.



Skyval enables you to better understand
and manage your pension scheme by
giving you the ability to access accurate
data and perform complex calculations
and scenario analysis in seconds.



Skyval supports your decision making with
accurate scenario analysis giving you the
ability to make better informed decisions
more quickly so empowering you to seize
opportunities as and when they arise.



Actuaries, investment advisers,
covenant advisers – accurate and
up-to-date data in Skyval can support
you in dramatically improving response
times and adding value to your clients.

What are the key benefits?

  • Consolidated information – assets
    and liabilities – on one platform
  • Accurate and timely funding updates
    and analysis
  • Assess the impact of your assumptions using benchmarking
  • Faster decision-making – reducing
    unnecessary delays
  • Improved risk management, increasing
  • Reduced costs – significant cost reduction
    on adviser fees for schemes using Skyval
  • Reduced complexity and increased

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Skyval is a single platform multi-user system which gives you control
and transforms the management of your defined benefit pension schemes.

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